Does my Child Really Need a Stroller at Walt Disney World?

Disney recently rolled out their updated strollers available for rental at all Walt Disney World parks and Disney Springs. The new design features Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The beige coloring on the strollers has been replaced with a red, black, and yellow color scheme.

With the debut of new strollers at Walt Disney World, you might find yourself questioning whether or not your child will need a stroller during your visit. If you have young children, a stroller is a must-have when spending your day galivanting through the magical theme parks. Not only does having a stroller make it easier to keep all your belongings in one place but will also help keep your children from getting overly tired (and whiny) from all the walking.

Why You Should Use a Stroller at Disney World

Most experienced Disney-goers will gladly tell you that using a stroller is the way to go. Apart from being a great way to carry your snacks and other belongings throughout the theme parks, using a stroller has many benefits:

  • Reduce the Amount Your Child Is Walking – When venturing around the parks, you’ll be getting in a lot of steps. In fact, the average number of steps each person walks per day at Disney World is way over 10,000! All the parks are large and will require a lot of walking, for example, one loop around Epcot is 1.2 miles. Doing this several days in a row will tire out even the most in-shape person. Imagine exerting this much energy as a young child with smaller legs—and in the Florida heat. A stroller helps reduce the amount of walking your child will be required to do, which will allow them to not get tired out or cranky so easily.
  • Improve Your Child’s Safety – Each of the parks at Disney World are large and typically very crowded, especially during peak months of the year when school is out. Even when holding your child’s hand, it’s easy to get separated when weaving your way through large crowds. Using a stroller will make it a lot easier for you to quickly and confidently navigate through large groups of people to get where you’re going without worrying.
  • Provide a Safe Space for Your Child – Even though Disney World is a magical place for children, it can also be extremely overwhelming. From the loud noises to the characters in large costumes, it’s a lot to take in. If your child gets overwhelmed or overstimulated, having a stroller is a great way for them to enjoy the day while providing them a safe place to regroup or decompress.
Should You Bring Your Own Stroller or Rent One?

Deciding whether or not to use a stroller in Disney World isn’t the tough choice. The hard decision is whether you should pack your own or rent one for when you’re there.

If you’re traveling to Disney World by airplane, you might be questioning if bringing your personal stroller is worth it. Oftentimes, a rental will suffice, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks, bringing your personal stroller is a great way to do that. Using your own stroller also offers peace of mind. You know exactly how it works, how to maneuver it, and it’s likely going to be a lot easier to pick out from the sea of strollers lined up outside of rides.

That being said, sometimes renting a stroller makes more sense—especially if you’re traveling from another state or your stroller is quite large.

Renting a Stroller Through Disney

When visiting Disney World, you can rent a stroller through Disney on a daily or length-of-stay basis. These vary in cost depending on the type of stroller and if you’re looking for a daily or multi-day rental:

  • $15 daily rental for a single stroller
  • $13 a multi-day rental for a single stroller
  • $31 daily rental for a double stroller
  • $27 a multi-day rental for a double stroller

One important thing to note about renting a stroller through Disney is that the rental strollers cannot be removed from the theme parks. This means that when you are heading back to your resort or park hopping, you have to return the stroller and can get a new one the next day or at another theme park.

Renting a Stroller Through a Third-Party Provider

Instead of renting a stroller through Disney, third-party rentals are also an available option. Through ScooterBug, Disney’s featured third-party vendor, you can pick up your rental directly at your resort upon arrival, and return it to the same spot when leaving. This is a major convenience for many families.

Another positive about using a third-party stroller rental company is that the stroller you receive will be very similar to the one you’re using at home, while the Disney stroller rentals are made of hard plastic and don’t recline.

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Disney World or your fifth visit, there’s a lot of planning that goes into it! Let our team do the heavy lifting. Call Castle and Cruise Adventures today at 229.977.3773  or click here to get started planning your magical family vacation.

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