Top 5 Disney Tips for Moms of Toddlers

If you are like a lot of moms (me included), you can’t wait to take your little one to Walt Disney World. Meeting Mickey Mouse in person, riding all the iconic Disney attractions, and seeing Cinderella’s Castle make for exciting family vacations and amazing memories. And, if you aren’t careful, those same Disney visits can be full of meltdowns and tears. These five tips will help you avoid the meltdowns and help you make the most of your family’s Walt Disney World vacation.

Don’t Try to Do Everything in One Day

If you don’t get to Walt Disney World often (and even for those of us who go a lot) you may be tempted to try to do “everything.” Let me be real honest with you. You can’t! Even in a park such as Animal Kingdom that has fewer rides and shows, it is impossible to cover a whole park in one day. When you try to “do everything” you will be stressed out trying to make it to the next ride and your toddler will quickly become and exhausted and frustrated (and chances are your spouse will too!). Instead, have a plan or idea of the areas of the park and the attractions that you believe your family will enjoy most and tackle those areas first.

Pack Snacks

Whether big or little, no one is having a good time if they are hungry. You are welcome to bring food and drinks into the park as long as there are no glass containers or alcohol. It’s a great idea to bring easy, on-the-go snacks to help keep everyone happy. Snacks are a great way to pass time while waiting in line! Some snack ideas are Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks, Rice Krispies Treats, Cereal or Cookie Snack Bags, and Beef Jerky. If you like to chew gum, be sure to pack some because gum is not sold inside the parks.

Use A Stroller

A stroller is a must-have for toddlers (and even early elementary-aged children) when spending your day galivanting through the magical theme parks. In addition to saving those little feet a lot of unnecessary steps, a stroller provides added safety to your child. Having your child in a stroller will make it a lot easier for you to quickly and confidently navigate through large groups of people to get where you’re going without worrying about getting separated from your child. And finally, strollers are a great place to keep all your belongings and snacks. Unsure of whether to bring your own stroller or rent one when you arrive? Be sure to click here for more information.

Bring a Change of Clothes

Be sure to pack a change of clothes not only for bathroom accidents but for unexpected food or drink spills. I can still remember handing my little one a drink in Animal Kingdom for her to take a quick sip and she ended up wearing half the drink. Also, there are a few attractions and water play areas where the children may get wet, and having some dry clothes to change into makes all the difference in everyone’s mood.

Enjoy the Moment

My biggest word of encouragement to you Mom is to enjoy the moment you are in, be fully present. If you are a planner by nature you may be worried about rushing your family to the next scheduled attraction or show. In your haste to get to the next great thing you just may lose focus on the magical moment that is happening right in front of you. Don’t worry about what you may “miss” but instead enjoy the details and the memories being made at that moment.

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